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Hello and Thanks for visiting .... my name is Tom Sullivan

After working more than 50 years for two Electric Utilities in the great Northeast, I recently retired from my Technical Trainer job at United Illuminating's Training Yard in Trumbull, CT and will be dedicating a lot more time to this website. I still enjoy being an Adjunct Instructor for Bismarck State College's ELPW and ETST Programs (since 2014) and will continue doing that for some time.

The science of electricity and electric system operations have become passions for me over the years and that's really what's driving this website. It’s intended audience is the thousands of Electric Operating personnel who work for their local Utility, Cooperative or ISO/RTO.  Through it, I hope to “Shine Some Light” by offering interesting courses to add to the “Working Knowledge” these folks are constantly striving to accumulate.


Please use my Forum to leave any comments or concerns. I’ll consider those communications an opportunity for improvement and treat them appreciatively.  


One of my favorite topics is Reactive Power which is probably the most misconstrued and misunderstood subject in our Electric Utility business. So, I'll start with topics like "How Distribution Capacitor Banks Compensate Inductive Loads".

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